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► Summer 2020 dates

July 18-19: Bazaar at Newburyport, MA

July 25-26: Bazaar in Tiverton, RI

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► For new applicants

Create a login and password to make a profile for your business and the art you wish to sell. Include as much detail as possible - the more detail you provide, the better your chances are of being accepted. Your application will be reviewed once you completely fill out all required information. Completing your profile early gives us a chance to request additional information or clarifications if needed before sending to the jury. If you cannot finish all at once, click "Save" and log back in another time.

If you are accepted, you will have the opportunity to register for either or both events each season.

Note: If you have participated as a vendor in the past but have not been accepted since December 2016 through our new online application process, please fill out a new application by clicking the button above. 

► For returning applicants 

If you have been accepted to the Bazaars through this online application process in the past, simply log in and click "Register" at the top once registration opens. If you wish to add items to your booth that were not in your application when you were accepted, these must be added before you register. Please email


► Application process

If your application is accepted to a Bazaar this season, you'll be able to easily apply in the future using the same application by simply registering for specific events. 

The basic requirements for acceptance are that crafts be:

-Direct-traded from Indigenous artists through clear and ongoing relationships if not sold at the Bazaars by the artists themselves, with detailed information on the artists/artisan groups and/or whoever has participated in creating them;
-High quality; and
-Unique from other accepted vendors' crafts.

The jury takes many factors into account when deciding whether to accept an application, including the applicant's ability to explain the crafts' relationship with the Indigenous culture of the artist(s); the quality of the work; the uniqueness of the work from other artists' work, both in style and in medium; whether the craft fits in with the overall selection at the market; whether the price range makes sense in the context of the Bazaar and our audience; and more. We aim to create a cohesive, diverse marketplace in which the art and crafts complement each other. Review the Fair Trade Pledge and the Bazaar Craft Regulations carefully to ensure that your crafts meet the criteria. 


Summer Application Timeline

Bazaar in Newburyport 2020

  Early (February 15-March 31) Regular (April 1-May 31)

In Season (June 1-30)
(Return vendors only)

Late (July 1-14)
(Return vendors only)
Single booth (10 x 10) $400 $500 $550 $550
Double booth (10 x 20) $1200 $1500 $1650 $1650


Bazaar in Tiverton 2020

  Early (February 15-March 31) Regular (April 1-May 31)

In Season (June 1-30)
(Return vendors only)

Late (July 1-19)
(Return vendors only)
Single booth (10 x 10) $400 $500 $550 $550
Double booth (10 x 20) $800 $1000 $1100 $1100
Single 6-foot table (under tent) $200 $300 $400 $400



Winter Application Timeline (dates TBD)

Bazaar in Cambridge, December 2020

  Early (TBD) Regular (TBD)

In Season (TBD)
(Return vendors only)

Late (TBD)
(Return vendors only)
Single booth (12 x 8) $400 $500 $550 $550
Corner booth (12 x 8) $600 $700 $800 $800
Double booth (24 x 8) $800 $1000 $1100 $1100
Single 6-foot table $200 $300 $400 $400


Bazaar at the Prudential Center, December 2020
(Due to the unique layout of our space in the heart of the Prudential Center mall, booth spaces are varied in size and orientation. Thus, we have described the options and priced them accordingly. 
Feel free to contact us with questions.)

  Early (TBD) Regular (TBD) In Season (TBD)
(Return vendors only)
Fri, Sat, & Sun, 3 tables near primary entrance (12x6 or other orientation) $600 $700 $800
Fri, Sat, & Sun, Approx. 10’x10’ or larger $600 $700 $800
Fri, Sat, & Sun. 2 tables near primary entrance $500 $600 $700
Fri, Sat, & Sun, (up to 3 tables), standard location $500 $600 $700
Fri, Sat, & Sun, Two tables, standard location $450 $550 $650
Fri, Sat, & Sun, Approx. 12’x6’ (up to 3 tables), near secondary entrance $400 $500 $600
Fri, Sat, Sun, 2 tables $350 $450 $550
Fri, Sat, & Sun, One table $300 $400 $500
Saturday & Sunday only, 3 tables $400 $500 $600
Saturday & Sunday only, 2 tables $300 $400 $500
Saturday & Sunday only, 1 table $250 $350 $450


► Helpful Links

1. Vendor Agreement Samples - Bazaar at the Prudential Center / Bazaar in Cambridge: The Agreements include policy and logistical information for each event this December. Once you register, you will be sent an agreement specific to your event.

2. Fair Trade Pledge: The Pledge includes Cultural Survival's criteria that crafts be produced in a fair trade manner.

3. Bazaar Craft Regulations: The Regulations include further information on basic conditions for acceptance to the Bazaars.

4. Frequently Asked Questions - Bazaar at the Prudential Center / Bazaar in Cambridge: The FAQs address frequent vendor questions, including historical sales and logistical information and more for each event this December. 
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Vendors who participated prior to December 2016 and not since: Click here to learn about the changes to the Bazaar model.